Piers Jackson was born in 1970 and educated at Haileybury. He lives and works in Bury St Edmunds, U.K


Solo exhibitions include: Encant, Menorca (2021); Encant, Menorca (2019); UNIT9, London (2018); Amar Gallery, London (2017); Encant, Menorca (2017); Serena Morton Gallery, London (2015); Encant, Menorca (2012); T1+2, London (2008); Eyestorm, London (2005).


Selected group exhibitions include: ‘Desplazamientos/Abstraccion Geometrica’ curated by Anto Rabzas y Jorge Varas, Facultad de Bellas Artes, Madrid (2019); ‘Geometrica’ curated by Omar Mazhar with Tristan Hoare, Tristan Hoare Gallery, London (2018); ‘Beyond’ curated by Rowena Chiu, Unit 1 Gallery|Workshop, London (2017).


Piers Jackson is a British artist concerned with geometric beauty and simplicity of form. Working with plaster of Paris, paperboard and metal leaf the artist constructs what he refers to as "geometric reliefs.” Piers Jackson is particularly interested in the five regular polyhedra known as the Platonic solids. In his practice Jackson explores and abstracts these ideal mathematical structures which he regards as having power to purify the mind.